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TSE - KoreaInterAction

TSE - Korea

TSE – Korea

TSE has emerged as the leading provider or interface systems for semiconductor production testing serving FLASH, MCP, DRAM and module test.

TSE provides parallel final test interface solutions, handler change kits, probe cards and automated test handlers to more than 30 semiconductor manufacturers in a dozen countries.
The ongoing collaboration between TSE and Pragmatics has been critical to that growth.

Pragmatics is the exclusive representative for TSE in North America and to TSE customers in China, Singapore and the Philippines. Pragmatics adds value by providing localized engineering and sales support to customers; we also provide new product development and marketing services to TSE.


InterAction – Japan

InterAction Corporation is the world’s leading provider of illuminators and optics for CCD and CMOS image sensor engineering, characterization, high volume production wafer sort, and final test.

IA provides precisely controlled light sources and a myriad of custom lenses for optimal lux intensity, color temperature and exit pupil distance to address high performance DSC devices as well as low cost hand-held CIS cameras.

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